Stressed Induced Training and Education (Stress Inoculation / SCBA Competency)

In this program firefighters of all backgrounds and skill levels will test their abilities to remaining calm under the extreme pressure of demanding psychological and physical conditions. These are proven methods adopted from US Military Special Forces Training, just altered for the fire service. It is meant to provide varying degrees of stress.  Through cognitive behavioral therapy (brain training) you will learn how to stay calm and fight off panic culminating in a grueling SCBA competency test.  Through these simple but effective exercises, students will master their abilities with their SCBA and over their previously known limitations. (6 hours minimum)

Specific areas of focus will be:

  • Critical skills in fighting off panic (physical and psychological)
  • Master SCBA and all components
  • Hand and touch signals
  • Master emergency SCBA procedures

Video: Overcoming Panic